Smart helpers

Balanced, yet dynamic

To simulate the landing on Mars, experts from Bosch Rexroth equipped a special launch tower and its swing jib with customized hydraulics and a sophisticated motion-control system. This arm is proving its strength during the test in Hawaii. And it has to: at 3,600 kilograms, the Mars landing technology weighs as much as three compact cars, and the jib also has to keep this weight steady even when the wind changes direction. The arm is capable of holding and moving an object and can switch between two extremely different modes of operation. The first allows the arm to precisely maneuver the payload at a very slow speed to bring it into position. Once the balloon is directly above the launch tower, the second mode allows the arm to swing laterally at a speed of 3,000 millimeters per second to clear the payload when launched. By providing the needed hydraulics and motion-control technology, Bosch is contributing to the success of NASA’s test flights and is helping Erich get one step closer to achieving his goal.


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