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Bosch shared its social responsibility projects in Marketplace 2013

Bosch has attended fifth Turkish Corporate Social Responsibility Solutions Marketplace activity, organized with the cooperation of Kadir Has University and Turkish Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Association. The activity held in Cibali Campus of Kadir Has University in December 6th, 2013 and companies displayed their social responsibility projects in their stands.

Panels on "Socially Responsible Cities", "Entrepreneurship and its Role in the Development" and "Responsible Production and Consuming Practices" were held in Marketplace 2013; and CSR practices of the companies were assessed and awarded by a jury comprised of National Partners of CSR Europe and CSR experts.


School of Energy Efficiency became a finalist in innovative sustainability

“School of Energy Efficiency” project, developed by Bosch Bursa, has become a finalist in the “Innovative Sustainability Applications Competition”. 14 finalists of the competition, organized by the Sustainable Development Association in order to award and popularize the best applications that contribute to sustainable development with innovative practices, were determined by the SDA Innovation Study Group. The assessment was made by a jury comprising of representatives from universities, press and non-govermental organizations.

Leigh Turner, Consul General of UK, besides the representatives of business world, universities, non-govermental organizations and press attended the awarding ceremony organized in the British Consulate in İstanbul, where the best practices for innovative sustainability were awarded. School of Energy Efficiency stand, prepared in the lounge of British Consulate General, was visited by the participants with great interest.


“Invented for Life” revived in GEA’s operation

PT Turkey has close cooperation with earthquake rescue teams in Turkey. In September Bosch Blue and Accessories participated one of the biggest simulated earthquake rescue operation of GEA (one of the important voluntary rescue teams of TR) in Istanbul. More than 150 members have been trained with Bosch power tools and accessories with only one purpose: Saving Lives. Tools and accessories that can help GEA members were selected conscientiously by Bosch’s experienced demonstrators. Main focus was berakers and Cordless tools due to their flexibility in hard conditions.


Earthquake Awareness

As the sponsor for the shaking table materials of the simulation room and the commissioning thereof under the "Earthquake Awareness" project launched by Turkey Earthquake Foundation (TDV), Bosch Rexroth keeps providing support to the projects that are intended to raise people's earthquake awareness.

Within the scope of this project, a "Travelling Earthquake Lorry" which is also equipped with the Mobile Earthquake Simulator and the mascot SISMAIL was created for the purpose of raising a national awareness for the protection against earthquakes, establishing a sustainable infrastructure and honing a good grasp of social sensitivity, appropriation and volunteerism concepts. Believing that the basic means of raising earthquake awareness is "to train the children and the society", by means of using the mobile earthquake simulator, the officials ensure the information of the society about the what to do and/or what not to do in case of an earthquake, and the application of drills about how to survive earthquakes with the least loss and the least panic.


Bosch donates 850,000 oak seeds to the nature

Everyone who buys Bosch's “Environmentally Friendly” condensing combi boiler also contributes to the expansion of forestland in Turkey by supporting sowing 9 oak seeds in one of 18 provinces in Turkey thanks to the campaign that has been in progress since 2009, launched under the cooperation of Bosch Heating Systems and TEMA.

Under the scope of the campaign which has been in progress under the cooperation of Bosch Heating Systems and TEMA, 45,000 oak seeds were donated to the nature in 2009, and 75,000 in 2010. And in 2011, the goal was well exceeded and a total of 355,000 oak seeds were planted. The campaign's target for this year is to donate 375,000 seed to the nature, and to sprinkle a total of 850,000 oak seeds to the world's future at the end of 4 years…

Having offered to the consumers Bosch's silent and reliable condensing boilers, which provide high efficiency and saving in natural gas consumption, Bosch Heating Systems supports the protection of the nature, and also fulfills its responsibility to increase green fields in our country.


Bosch Car Service Training Center Launched at Şişli Industrial Vocational High School!

In addition to providing any maintenance services for vehicles of any brand, Bosch Car Service network - which provides services in 200 different locations in Turkey - continues to make a difference with the new solutions it offers for the lack of qualified technicians in the industry, under Bosch quality and reliability. In this context, a Training Center has been established at Şişli Industrial Vocational High School to satisfy the need of Bosch Car Service network for trained staff and also to offer business opportunities for trained students at the Training Center.

The Training Center has been equipped with Bosch Test Equipments such as FSA Engine Analyzer, KTS Diagnostic Instrument, ACS Air Conditioner Maintenance Device, and Battery Tester, all of which are supplied by Bosch. By this means, the students will be expert about the operation of such equipment by means of getting acquainted with the equipment and tools used at Bosch Car Services. Organization of high technology trainings are also planned at the Training Center. Each year, 20 students who will be selected among the successful students at Bosch Car Service Training Center will be provided with internship at Bosch Car Services to be raised, ensuring them to gain practical experience during their training. Besides, priority will be given to employ the graduated students at Bosch Car Services.

Next year, it is also intended to extend the scope of this project, which is unveiled at Istanbul, Şişli Industrial Vocational High School, by cooperating with other Vocational Schools in other provinces of Turkey.


A Sturdy Foundation and a Giant Step for the Future

The companies, including Bosch Rexroth, set off together to solve the problem of lack of technical staff in the automotive industry by the slogan "A Sturdy Foundation and a Giant Step for the Future". Especially with reference to the lack of workforce in the main lines of business in the automotive industry, Automotive Industry Exporters' Association of Turkey (OIB) started to work on the project, which will be unique in Turkey, satisfy the need of the industry, and which will allow working in coordination with the business world. Under the scope of the project that was unveiled within a period of 16 months, OIB Technical and Industrial Vocational High School was launched in 2010-2011 school year, and the school will accept students by a selection and placement exam to be made by a central system all around the country. The Anatolian Technical High School, which provides 4-year training under the Anatolian High School program, will provide trainings on 6 fields; Information Technologies, Electric-Electronic Technology, Industrial Automation Technologies, Machinery Technology, Metal Technology, and Motor Vehicle Technology. A workshop for each field of training will be equipped with necessary tools and equipments supplied by the recognized companies of Turkey, including Bosch Rexroth.


Bosch Bursa Plant is awarded as the finalist in the European Business Awards for the Environment!

RBTR Bursa is awarded as the finalist in the European Business Awards for the Environment – Program of Turkey, which is about “Sustainability and Innovation” and is organized by the Regional Environment Center and the Turkish Industry and Business Association for the fourth time.

The contest, in which 35 projects participated, was held in three categories: Process, Product and Management. RBTR-Bursa participated in the contest in the category of “Management”. Its “Environment Management System” project was found to be successful in environmental and social awareness, informing, cooperation studies and capacity enhancement activities, and made it to the finals. Thus, this project deserved to participate in the European Business Awards for the Environment, which will be held throughout Europe.


Bosch Bursa Plant enjoys leading the way again…

Bosch Bursa Plant won the first prize in “Creative Communication Tools” category with its “Who Wants 1000 points?” project from among 104 projects in the “Bosch Communication Awards”, third of which was organized this year with the participation of all Bosch units worldwide.

A “Who Wants 1000 points?” competition was organized during preparation stage for Turkey KalDer – Continuance in Perfection Award in October 2011, in which the employees were given information in an entertaining ambiance that was different from conventional learning methods. In the second stage of the competition, on the other hand, the aim was to meet the needs of village schools that built up throughout years and to provide better conditions for the students in village schools, which had been supported by “Bursa Goes for Education” project between 2006 and 2008, with a budget formed by the collected points within the scope of corporate social responsibility.

For the superior success it achieved in internal communication field, this activity was awarded the first prize in “Creative Communication Tools” category in the “Bosch Communication Awards” competition.

Bosch Bursa is now proud of being the first plant that brought the award to Turkey by breaking new grounds.


Bosch employees get ready for the future in the School of Energy Efficiency

In this day of rapid consumption of natural resources, greenhouse gas emission generated in energy production and energy consumption processes is one of the main causes of global warming and climate change.

With reference to the fact that we import 75% of the energy we consume in Turkey from abroad, reducing the energy bill and productive usage of energy in order to decrease foreign-source dependency of our country in energy become increasingly important.

Being aware of the great importance of some measures to be taken in buildings and small changes in energy consumption patterns for a more liable future, Bosch organizes several entertaining and informative activities to call the energy efficiency issue to the attention of employees in the diesel and gasoline systems factory in Bursa.

Producing “invented for life”, Bosch Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş’s Diesel and Gasoline Systems factory celebrated the National Energy Efficiency Week with various activities. Awareness-raising trainings for the employees continue in the School of Energy Efficiency which was opened in the last year’s Energy Efficiency week. Training programs are organized every Wednesday in the School of Energy Efficiency where 900 people have attended to date.

Another entertaining application brought forward to draw attention to the energy efficiency issue in the Diesel and Gasoline Systems factory of Bosch Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. was the Energy Bicycle. Energy Bicycle was presented in all locations in order to express the value of the energy and how hard it is to produce energy. In the activity which was conducted with participation of 1,400 employees, everyone who used the bicycle experienced that producing energy is much harder than to use it efficiently.

Moreover, 1750 Bosch employees participated in the quiz contest named “Who Wants to Use His/Her Energy Efficiently?” and 130 Bosch employees attended the “How much does a kilogram of Watt cost?” informative seminar organized to improve the energy awareness in Bosch.


Education backup to professionals of future from Bosch Termoteknik

Bosch Termoteknik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., which has been manufacturing combi and components in Manisa for 20 years, is now putting its mark on the projects that will enable young people to gain experience in their professional lives. The UMEM Skill 2010 Program, which is one of the largest and most flexible projects developed by Bosch Termoteknik within the frame of cooperation with Public and Private Vocational High Schools, ensures recruitment of young people in search of a job as qualified employees by giving them professional trainings in cooperation with vocational high schools.

Youngsters who catch the opportunity to work with the engineers and technicians of Bosch Termoteknik and to receive trainings from them are given theoretical training for 1 week and practical training for 5 weeks, thus a total of 6 weeks of training and can start working as fully equipped at the end of the courses.

In 2012, 82% of the trainees who successfully passed the exam out of 161 in the project were employed. While on one hand Bosch Termoteknik gives support to the young people who are looking for a job during the first step into their careers with the Employment Centers Project (UMEM Skill '10), on the other hand it also contributes in the employment increase of our country.